Everything Lil Massive(The Story)

The Menace is an american rapper from Hollywood, Florida.  He began an over-acheiving career at age sixteen, when after many ciphers and "we come strapped"by Mc Eiht in a small boombox convinced Yadimar(soon to become a lyrical legend)to spit off the dome. In 1997 "The Jack Boyz" a group made up of The Menace, O-E, & Skee-Skirt Kobane illuminated the Miami club scene with hits such as the jacked Timbaland classic (Love to Love Ya) "Killaz from the 954" & the Dr. Dre jacked beat (Phone Tap) "Call The Coroner".  The Jack Boyz , get it?  The Menace & longtime friend O-E were a hit at many talent shows in Miami,Fl , which they often won unanimusly, because of their lit show and rhythmic deliveries (Skee Skirt Kobane never performed).  The Menace and O-E went on to sign a recording contract with N-K Records in Ft. Lauderdale,Fl in 1998.  When wrapping up a video recording job at Florida Memorial College in Miami,(where he attended school and worked in the media center)The Menace heard something about Sony Music in one of the speaker's lesson and approached him after the event and he gave him a card.  The Menace & O-E began recording where ever and when ever they could. Miami's "Hit Factory", Sunrise's (FL)"Debonaire", & Ft. Lauderdale's "N-K studios" to name a few. The Menace's debut album was lost in a hurricane and he and partner O-E soon left the label.  After a two year hiatus The Menace began recording again, but, this time there was a catch.  He & O-E had to make the tracks from scratch.  They had recorded over fifty songs by 2002.  Mailing demos to over 50 record labels.  O-E soon retired.  In 2007 The Menace was in a serious car accident and received a settlement in which the then 29 year old(now ten year veteran) started Lil Massive Records, the braintrust. The Menace had taught himself to play the piano in 2006 so he bought studio time to "produce only". Alertly, the mogul in the making, stacked tracks up like a squirrel preparing for winter.  Rarely using samples and relying on his knowledge and talent only in most cases.  In 2008 there was "LMKC4T"(released 6-15-08) on LMR, the debut album from The Menace in which he produced nine out of the seventeen hard tracks.  Later that same year was "RTS" (released 10-11-08)and he took on the entire damn load(18 tracks).  Then in 2009 the third solo release was "Trillionaire" The Menace produced four out of fourteen beats.  It's been a long eight years since a wordsmith like him has put out an album there are nine tracks on "Insulted", he produced three.  Enjoy!

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Insulted 1. Seven Serpents 2. Baracuda Millions 3. Kings Estate 4. Cash Frenzy 5. Im So Scared 6. Hello Money 7. Egyptian Crowns 8. She Dont Stop 9. Bushels Of Kush <a href="https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/insulted/id1223766000?mt=1&app=music" style="display:inline-block;overflow:hidden;background:url(//linkmaker.itunes.apple.com/assets/shared/badges/en-us/music-sm.svg) no-repeat;width:70px;height:15px;background-size:contain;"></a>



 The Menace Insulted album: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUr-i7fY1d17LTvdc8vWurY6fmcuhyFZV


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The Menace is back with "Insulted" All New Album on Lil Massive Records geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/insulted/id1223766000?mt=1&app=music